Stal van den Hurk is a training company for several schools, including Helicon (Deurne), different AOC’s and ROC’s . The whole year round we have trainees in our stable, for the whole week of just for a few days a week, depending on the course the student follows. Trainees have the opportunity to work in a sport stable and learn all about it.

The trainee helps with daily activities in and around the stable, like preparing for competitions, lunging etc. The nature of the work depends on the level of the student. It is possible that trainees receive supervision when riding their own horse. At Stal van den Hurk trainees get the chance to learn about the training of sport horses. The coaching will be supervised by Joost van den Hurk, qualified instructor NHB Deurne. Joost had internships at the stable of Erik van de Vleuten, Dion van Groesen and the Wiemselbach stable (Hans Horn). Also Joost has worked at NHB Deurne , dressage stables, jumping stables and the IJzeren Man. Since 2002 Joost works at Stal van den Hurk together with his father.